With CNG FITcation Retreats, your dream trip is right at your fingertips!

CNG FITcation Retreats specializes in providing the best travel experiences for people who are looking for a total life reboot. We  are a team of fitness, nutrition, and life coaching professionals located throughout the United States who provide one-of-a kind experiences to people looking for long lasting change and harmony. 

Through our fitness retreat programs, we are able to eliminate the distractions which would normally serve as obstacles to fitness success, provide you with a one-of-a-kind luxury experience in an international paradise, connect you with fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaches, and introduce you to new friends who will support you and provide accountability for your fitness goals throughout your trip.       

In our line of work we don’t simply design vacation packages, we help you build lasting memories and healthy habits. Join us on our next trip and reboot your life!


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Upcoming Experiences

CNG FITcation Retreats designs curated packages that will exceed your expectations. Take a look at our current FITcation Retreat experiences and don’t miss out on the fun!


Pura Vida! 7 Days
Total Life Transformation in Costa Rica (Feb 5-12, 2021)



  • Condo room on beautiful private property 

  • 6 Group Coaching sessions with Life, Fitness, and Nutrition/Health  Coaches

  • Morning Meditation/Grounding Workshops

  • 2 Meals per day prepared by a private chef

  • Your choice of 3 Excursions 

  • Shuttle to/from airport in San Jose

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