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5 Star All-Inclusive Fitness & Active Wellness Retreats

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FITcation Retreats x FitNu Life's mission is to empower humans to live their best life experience using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness framework, developed by Dr. Peggy Swarbrick. Our retreats focus on any one or combination of the following 8 Dimensions of Wellness: physical. intellectual. emotional. environmental. financial. occupational. spiritual. social. Facilitated by certified and licensed health/wellness professionals, our retreats are designed to take you away from your environmental norms and challenge you to envision new pathways towards life mastery and your best possible life experience. 

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Learn to live a healthy lifestyle, balance hormones, eat healthier, move more, and develop positive health behaviors for longterm wellness success.

FEATURED RETREAT: Women's Weekend Body Exploration in Tulum (MEXICO)

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation 

  • BEASTCAMP workouts

  • Temazcal sweat ritual led by a shaman

  •  Swim in Mexican cenote sink holes and underwater caves

  • Bike your way through Tulum and visit the Ancient Mayan Ruins

  • Learn how to balance your hormones and tap into your divine feminine energy

  • Enjoy the Caribbean Sea on Tulum Beach

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Image by Pedro Lastra

Who Are Our Retreats Designed For?

We curate our retreats to meet the needs of our clients who are looking for long lasting change in any one of the 8 Wellness Dimensions. Whether or not you're looking to get in better physical shape, change negative health behaviors, improve brain health/cognition, engage with thought leaders, strengthen your financial health, discover your purpose, deepen your spiritual practice, connect with mother Earth, or just to simply meet new friends-- we have designed a retreat especially for YOU.

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Women's Weekend Body Exploration in Tulum

November 11-13, 2022

This 3 Day weekend retreat in Tulum, Mexico is designed to jumpstart your journey to mastery in the physical wellness dimension. Let's get moving together while appreciating, loving, and accepting our bodies. *This retreat is reserved for women.

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"The workshops/ sessions were great and well put together! I have learned some great tools to help me deal with triggers and great techniques for detoxing/juicing. I learned how to be present and the importance of having a support system. The retreat has granted me the opportunity to meet some wonderful women from all over the states and build a sisterhood bond. Being in nature is magical and very healing. The location was exactly that."

- Anonymous

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Women's Weekend Body Exploration in Tulum

November 11-13, 2022

8 Day Solar Return & Wine Discovery in Cape Town

February 1-8, 2023

Pura Vida! 5 Day Reset & Life Mastery in Costa Rica

April 6-10, 2023

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Pura Vida! 5 Day Reset & Life Mastery in Costa Rica

April 6-10, 2023

During our 5 day Pura Vida! retreat, our clients will visualize their lives differently. By unlocking the limited beliefs that have held our clients back in their life experiences, we can help facilitate their new beginnings. Over the course of the retreat, they will learn scientifically backed techniques to reverse stress, unhealthy eating habits, and other addictive behaviors, while developing new routines of physical movement, quality sleep, gratitude, and building self acceptance and esteem. Following the 5 day retreat in Costa Rica, our clients are invited to continue their journey with us in the form of virtual group coaching sessions with the goal to provide support for long lasting positive behavior change.

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8 Day Solar Return and Wine Discovery in Cape Town

February 1-8, 2023

Discover Cape Town, South Africa's beautiful landscapes, rich culture and exquisite wines. This trip is a celebration of life, friends, health, and the finer things in life. If you are a lover of wine and Africa, this is the trip for you. There's so much to see and do in this wonderful city. Consider this trip a cultural tasting that you will never forget!

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Meet Your Retreat Curators & Coaching Team

Upcoming Experiences: Team Members

Founder, Behavior Change Specialist, Yogini, Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Health Coach

Brandi Nik Kilbourne is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer and health coach with 7 years of experience in personal fitness coaching and over 10 years experience in group coaching and leading movement classes. Coach Brandi Nik studied for her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification with Siddhi Yoga based in Rishikesh, India. She enjoys traveling, dancing, singing, and helping others reach their full potential.

She is the founder of CNG Fit, LLC, FitNu Life and FITcation Retreats x FitNu Life. She is passionate to help individuals reach their fullest potential in life. 

Coach Brandi Nik Says...

"As a qualified and certified personal trainer, health coach, and health behavior change specialist since 2015, I’m here to show you that you can make long lasting health changes, regardless of your current obstacles. I help everyday people MASTER their body, mind, and life through the 8 Dimensions of Wellness & shifting negative health behaviors and habits. Through the lens of Positive Psychology, I understand that my clients are the experts in their lives and come with their own individual set of life mastery tools. I'm here to help YOU tap into your superpowers and live the life that you've always wanted."

FITcation Retreats & Trips Coach Brandi Nik Hosts:

- "Pura Vida! 5 Day Reset & Life Mastery in Costa Rica"

- "Women's Weekend Body Exploration in Tulum"

- "8 Day Solar Return & Wine Discovery in Cape Town"

Ereena in yellow.jpg

Certified Life Coach, Author, & Speaker

Ereena George is an International Best-Selling Author, Public Speaker, Life Coach, Parent Educator and Child Advocate. Founder of The MOMific Group, a company created to assist moms in healing Childhood Trauma as well as their health so they can thrive, live in their purpose, foster better relationships and raise productive children. Drawing from her own experience of childhood trauma and depression, Ereena understands what it feels like to have it take over your life and deeply affect your health and well being.

Ereena George Says...

"I am a certified life coach with a focus on mom and family coaching. I help women learn to accept and heal from their past traumas in order to help them be the best they can be for their families. I assist my clients with identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and any obstacles that may be in the way.

It is my belief that one must identify all of what's holding them back. In order to do so we look at all areas of life, including childhood. Allow me to help you break free from your trauma and unlock an entire new world of potential."  

FITcation Retreats & Trips Ereena George Hosts:

- "Pura Vida! 5 Day Reset & Life Mastery in Costa Rica"

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Maurice Foley

Founder, Two Oceans Africa & The Black Travel Expo

Maurice was born in Bermuda and has been traveling the world since the age of 5. He loves the pleasure and adventures of travel and has made a personal connection with the continent of Africa. In 2000, Maurice along with his family took a trip to South Africa to build a church in a small town in the Eastern Cape called Bisho. After being there for a few weeks, he made it his mission to return as much as possible.

In 2012, Maurice invited a small group of friends to travel with him to Cape Town. That was only the beginning of his new journey to explore Africa and share this amazing country with others who didn't mind the long journey to get there. In 2013, he started Two Oceans Travel & Tours and hasn't looked back. Destinations have included Australia, Bermuda, South America, South Africa, Ghana and East Africa to name a few. Each year 25-30 people take advantage of all that the experience has to offer.

As the founder of The BLOC Foundation, Maurice ensures that at least one day of each trip is dedicated to giving shoes, socks and school supplies for children in the local townships.

June 3, 2022 will be the official launch of the Black Travel Expo which was designed to provide a platform not only for Black travel consumers, but for anyone who wants to use the opportunity to network, promote and support travel businesses and organizations.

Maurice has a BA in Communications/Media and a MA in Management.

FITcation Retreats & Trips Maurice Foley Hosts:

- "8 Day Solar Return & Wine Discovery in Cape Town"

mama nabii.jpg

Nabii Bastet

Founder, Beast Body & BEASTCAMP workout

Nabii has reinvented herself to take herself and others to unlimited heights. She decided become a health and fitness enthusiast when going through some of the darkest moments of her life. Surviving hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA in 2005 was a cataclysmic moment.

Escaping hurricane and flood waters for 3 days on the rooftop, to her mother passing away, to a ugly divorce of her 15 year marriage of her high school sweetheart, Nabii found refuge in fitness.

Fitness was her savior, pulling her out of depression, out of obesity and addiction. The addiction from a unhealthy lifestyle to the love of a healthy lifestyle. Nabii spent hours a day in the gym and dedicated to finding the healthiest sustainable nutrition has transformed her life.

This transformation had her in the best shape of her life at the age of 42. This approach to life, turning tradgedy to triumph has proven to be an infectious energy. This energy has been transferred to her famiy, friends and clients, all who has become part of the the Beast fam.

Nabii took her transformation and pushed to higher limits, more education and more meaningful experiences. She earned her trifecta in the Spartan obstacle course races and eventually became a certified Spartan GX Coach, a first place Sports Model winner in the International Body Building Confederation, U.S Olympic Weight Lifting Coach, and PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach has earned her the name from Nabii Bastet to NaBeast.

FITcation Retreats & Trips Nabeast Hosts:

- "Women's Weekend Body Exploration in Tulum"

Image by Spencer  Watson

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