Pura Vida! 5 Day Reset & Life Mastery in Costa Rica Itinerary

RETREAT DATES: April 6-10, 2023

WELLNESS DIMENSION EXPLORED: Emotional Wellness & Mental Health

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Day 1: Welcome to Guanacaste, Costa Rica!

After arriving at Costa Rica's Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia, Costa Rica, you will be transferred to your new home in a beautiful villa. 

We will have a welcome dinner that evening to give a chance for everyone on the retreat to meet each other and get grounded in your new environment.  

This retreat focuses on the emotional wellness dimension in order to unlock your full potential to master life. Because of the nature of this retreat we will establish our community agreements on the first day.

Day 2: Releasing the OLD YOU and stepping into the TRUE YOU

You will begin the day with a yoga asana healing practice as the sun rises. Following your yoga practice, you will participate in a juicing workshop for internal healing. 

Your morning will be dedicated to sessions surrounding trauma acceptance and release.

Deep healing has now begun to occur.

As the day moves forward, you can opt to attend a coffee & cultural tour at Tio Leo Coffee if you'd like.

Or, you can stay and enjoy the house, enjoy the pool and rest. It's been quite a day of breaking through your trauma!  


Day 3: Rest & Focus

When you're embarking on healing work, it can take a lot out of you! Take a day to do whatever you'd like! There's plenty to see and do, if you'd like. But, if you feel like you'd rather relax at the beach or at the villa, you DO JUST THAT. 

Your coaches are available for one-on-one sessions if you need to talk!

Day 4: Hypo-Thermal Curative Volcanic Pools & Barriers to Life Mastery Burning Ritual

Today is the day where you declare your healing! After your morning yoga and meditation practice, we will visit  a hypothermal, mineral rich volcanic waters and natural pools. These waters have curative properties. Even if you're not a swimmer, you can benefit from a soak in these natural healing pools. 

After lunch, we'll head back to the retreat villa to complete our day with a burning ritual to part ways with anything in your life that isn't serving your intention to live a healthy and successful life.  

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Day 5: 

Vision Boards & Affirmations

Even though it's our last day together on this retreat, you will still have 4 weeks of post retreat coaching offered to you. Today, you will begin your vision board for how you see your life changing within the next 12 months.

Today, we celebrate your future success!  

Our retreat price includes:

*Villa Accommodation

*Private Room 

*Activities & Excursions

*2 meals per day or meal stipend

*Shuttle transportation from Airport

*Professional photographer/videographer 



Your Hosts For This Retreat


Coach Brandi Nik

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Ereena George