6 Day Divine Money & Purpose Retreat in Domincal (January 13-18, 2024)

6 Day Divine Money & Purpose Retreat in Domincal (January 13-18, 2024)

  • Who will benefit from this program: Working adults who are searching for a way to connect their life’s purpose with the type of work that they do. This retreat is for people who are questioning if their career is in line with their perceived purpose in life.


  • What will we be doing: Too many of us spend the majority of our day working a job that has nothing to do with our passions or our divinely given purpose. Over the 6 days of this retreat, we will work on getting in touch with your natural purpose in life and will show you how to make money doing the very thing that you were born to do. 


  • What is included: 

    • Housing accommodation by Imiloa Retreat Center 

    • 6 Group Coaching sessions with Life, Financial, Health, and Peak Performance Coaches

    • Morning Meditation/Grounding Workshops

    • Sunrise/Sunset Yoga 

    • 2 Meals per day prepared by a private chef

    • Your choice of 3 Excursions 

    • Shuttle to/from airport to retreat site 


  • When: January 2024


  • Where: Imiloa Institute Dominical, Costa Rica


  • Why/Objective:

    • Learn how to free yourself from living a life that was not intended for you. 

    • Learn how to make money following your dreams and passions

    • Get in touch with your life’s purpose

    • Learn to live fully in your purpose, including how to not be broke in the process

    • Learn from financial experts who will educate you on how to make sound financial decisions on your occupational wellness journey 

    • Connect with like minded individuals who are also on their journeys towards life mastery. 


Cost: $3,400 - $4,995



You'll be served 2 meals per day prepared by a private chef

  • Pescatarian Friendly
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly


  • FAQ:

    1. Where will you be staying?

    You'll be staying at the beautiful Imiloa Institute property in Domical, Costa Rica. Click here for FAQ regarding the retreat property.


    2. How will you get to the 6 Day Divine Money & Purpose Retreat at Imiloa Institute?  

    Once you arrive to the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) in Costa Rica, we will take care of the of the rest of your travel itinerary. From SJO, you will take a domestic flight transfer on a small chartered plane over the picturesque Costa Rican jungles to the Imiloa Institute in Domical. From there, our driver will pick you up and escort you to our heavenly retreat property. 


    3. What are the regulations and policies surrounding COVID-19 testing and safety?

    We take your safety seriously. For this reason, we have limited the total number of retreat participants and are now restricting participation to 40  persons maximum. Although the country of Costa Rica does not not require tourists entering by air, land, or sea to present a negative COVID-19 test, nor quarantine upon arrival, we are requiring everyone who attends the retreat to take a rapid Covid test upon arrival to the Imiloa Institute property along with a temperature check. We also ask that you wear your mask during your plane ride to Tambor as well as in the shuttle to the retreat center. 


    4. Will you have time to explore Costa Rica on your own?

    Yes, of course! There is more than enough time built into your daily schedule for free time and exploration.  


    5. Will there be food accommodations for folks with dietary restrictions?

    Absolutely! Please reach out to our team at fitcationretreats@gmail.com with the name of the retreat that you'll be attending along with your dietary restrictions. We'll gladly accommodate you. 


    6. How do you contact us if you have more questions? 

    You can contact your FITcation retreat host, Coach Brandi Nik at fitcationretreats@gmail.com 

$3,800.00 Regular Price
$3,230.00Sale Price